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MMA's Roles of Elected Officials and Municipal Managers sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 12/8/15

Location: Spring Meadows Golf Club and Banquet Center, Gray Time: Registration: 4:00 pm-4:30 pm | Workshop: 4:30 pm-8:30 pm Cost:...
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Recent Announcements

11/10/2015 - Efficiency Fund Applications Sought

The state’s Local Government Efficiency Fund, which was created in 2004, is now funded to the tune of $1.5 million. The state Department of Administrative and Financial Services is inviting municipal officials to apply for Efficiency Fund grants, and the first deadline – to ask questions about the program – is Dec. 4. Completed applications are due by Jan. 15, 2016.

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11/05/2015 - Gorham Hosts Firefighter Training

A class entitled, “Combat Ready Firefighting” will be held on Saturday, Dec. 5 at the Gorham Middle School. The eight-hour workshop will focus on firefighting as a team activity.

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10/28/2015 - MMA Latest Fiscal Survey Complete

As federal and state leaders grapple with the partisan issue of the day, Maine municipal officials work diligently to provide residents, visitors and businesses with an array of vital services. Maine Municipal Association’s 2014 Fiscal Survey report, recently completed, shows how municipalities provide services such as road and bridge maintenance, law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, parks and recreation programs and much more. The report also shows that 67 percent of all property taxes collected pay for K-12 education and county government administration. 

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10/23/2015 - Guilford’s William Thompson Wins Ethel Kelley Award

Long-time select board member and Chairman William Thompson of Guilford won Maine Municipal Association’s 2015 Ethel Kelley Memorial Award, which is MMA’s most prestigious annual recognition. The award honors one person in the state who has demonstrated leadership and deep municipal commitment over a long period of time.

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10/21/2015 - MMA 2015 Convention Presentations Now Available

Following our annual convention each year, we receive requests to review handouts and Power Point presentations that were presented by our expert speakers. This year’s convention topics ranged from community fire prevention to municipal collaboration to major demographic changes, along with many others.

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10/19/2015 - Best Practices for Snow and Ice Control

The Maine Local Roads Center will hold a series of workshops around the state – starting Oct. 27 in Brewer and ending Dec. 3 in Skowhegan – on Best Management Practices for Snow and Ice Control. Nine workshops will be held in all, starting at 7 a.m. each day and ending at noon.

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09/28/2015 - Sanford Moves Into Municipal Broadband

The City of Sanford has joined a short but growing list of municipalities in Maine that are building municipal broadband networks. Local officials believe the expansion of high-speed broadband will aid economic development efforts. Residents and non-profit organizations can benefit, too.

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09/22/2015 - Concealed Handguns Permitting Update

The Maine State Police want municipal officials to be aware that, even with the recent change in state law regarding concealed weapons permitting, some local responsibilities and action may remain. They have produced a summary of LD 652 (the new law) and a copy of the statute itself. They advise local officials to consult with their police chief, local counsel or Maine Municipal Association’s Legal Services team with any questions.

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09/21/2015 - Community Economics Workshop

The Community Institute will hold a day-long training session on "Community Economics" on Oct. 22 at The Daniel in Brunswick. The workshop aims to show local leaders how their decisions can make positive economic development more likely to happen in their communities.

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09/17/2015 - Stephen Gove Named MMA Executive Director

Maine Municipal Association’s executive committee today voted unanimously to hire Stephen W. Gove, who has worked at MMA since 1980 and served as deputy director since 2005, to the association’s top position. The decision was made after a nationwide search to replace recently retired Executive Director Christopher G. Lockwood, who served at MMA for 36 years.

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