2020 MMA Convention


2021 Virtual MMA Convention: 85th Anniversary Year - Agenda

September 30 & October 1, 2021


Thursday, September 30, 2021


Can Civility Make a Comeback?
A conversation with Chris Gates, in dialogue with Tom Hall
It’s hard to deny that civil discourse – in the U.S. and in Maine – has had a rough go of it in recent years. But, will this last? And is there anything local leaders can do to make “agreeing to disagree” the norm again, if it ever truly was? Gates, a Maine resident and national advocate for bridging divides, will explore the trend of polarization in governance.

Presenter: Christopher T. Gates, an expert in local government and governance, and former President of the National Civic League; is currently co-director of Philanthropy Bridging Divides
Guest: Thomas Hall, Town Manager, Town of Scarborough

Certification: Valid for 1.25 MTCMA Certification credits in the following categories: Leadership and Elected Relations. 

10:30am-10:45am    BREAK

10:45am-12:00pm    Update on the American Rescue Program Act
The federal ARPA program provides new funding streams for many municipalities but it also raises many questions about what qualifies, what doesn’t and what deadlines are important to remember. Join Neal Goldberg of MMA who will provide the latest information on ARPA.

Presenter: Neal Goldberg, Legislative Analyst, MMA State & Federal Relations Department

Certification: Valid for 1.25 MTCMA Certification credits in the following category: Leadership, Finance/Budget and Legal. 

12:00pm-12:30pm    LUNCH BREAK

12:30pm-1:30pm    Awards Presentations and Swearing-In Ceremony

1:30pm-1:45pm    BREAK

1:45pm-2:45pm    MMA Annual Business Meeting
Please join us as MMA President James Gardner, Vice President James Bennett and Executive Director Cathy Conlow shed light on MMA’s upcoming priorities and reflect on the events and activities in 2021.

Certification: Valid for 1.00 MTCMA Certification credit in the following category: Leadership.

2:45pm-3:00pm    BREAK

3:00 - 4:15 p.m.    KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Where Do We Go from Here? Canada & the U.S.
Canada and the United States are sibling nations that, along with Mexico, have been involved in NAFTA since 1994. The three form a symbiotic economic and social relationship that is frayed and uncertain. What does the short-term future look like for Canada, the U.S. and the State of Maine, whose socio-economic interdependence is among the most intense in the world? What is the future based on who controls the Presidency and Congress? Moreover, what is the impact of technology, harmful global trade, illicit financial flows, real estate bubbles, employment, educational systems, deflation, the EU's challenges, China's slowdown and the pushback toward global trade in general? As the saying goes, “Can’t we all just get along?”
Presenter: Diane Francis. Ms. Francis draws upon her experience as a renowned Canadian journalist, author and professor to present the scenarios, warnings, trends and solutions that are critically important to Maine-Canada trade and our border communities.

Certification: Valid for 1.25 MTCMA Certification credits in the following category: Leadership. 

Friday, October 1, 2021

9:00am-10:15am    Is the Maine Economy Hot – or What? 
From a white-hot housing market to a summer tourism bounce that exceeded many expectations, the economy in many parts of our state is bustling. What is the outlook for 2022 and beyond? Will a tight labor market and aging population be our undoing? How will the state’s geographic disparities play out? If you want to position your community’s economic future in the best way possible, this address is a can’t-miss event.

Presenter: Amanda Rector, Maine State Economist

Certification: Valid for 1.25 MTCMA Certification credits in the following category: Finance/Budget. 

10:15am-10:30am    BREAK

10:30am-11:45am    Police Engagement Under COVID 
This presentation will review the function and outcomes of Virtual Municipal Police Town Hall public engagement sessions held this spring, explore future opportunities for community engagement, and discuss how municipalities can support increased police story sharing, sensible reform and transparency. Updates and impacts of criminal justice and police reform legislation passed in the 1st Session of the 130th Legislature will also be explored. Participants will also be provided a sneak peek at known and proposed legislation for the 2nd Session.

Presenters: Rebecca Graham, Legislative Advocate, Maine Municipal Association; Noel C. March, Director, Maine Community Policing Institute, UMA; Chief Jared Mills, President, Maine Chiefs of Police Association/ Augusta Police Department; Chief Jason Warlick, District 6 Maine Chiefs of Police Rep./ Damariscotta Police Department

Certification: Valid for 1.25 MTCMA Certification credits in the following categories: Leadership, Ethics, Elected Relations. 

11:45am-12:00pm    BREAK

12:00pm-1:15pm     New Faces, High Expectations
As social and technological advances like the acceptance of telecommuting enables out-of-state residents to move to small towns in Maine, local leaders find themselves explaining what services they do – and do not – offer more and more. This workshop will offer examples of the “expectation gap” between Mainers and new residents, and will offer ways to communicate about it.

Presenters: Jon Beekman, Selectperson, Town of Fayette and member, MMA Executive Committee; Jay Feyler, Manager, Town of Union and President, Maine Town, City & County Management Association; Mark Robinson, Manager, Town of Fayette; Eric Dyer, Manager, Town of Readfield 

Certification: Valid for 1.25 MTCMA Certification credits in the following category: Leadership. 




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