(from the
April 2005 Maine Townsman)

Pittston voters elected Ted Sparrow, Jr. to the board of selectmen.

Luke M. Goodblood ran unopposed for re-election to a three-year term as selectman in Burnham.

In a three-person race, Marc Bernier was elected to the vacant seat on the Bowdoin Board of Selectmen on March 19.

At the age of 88, Freeland E. Drake is resigning after 50 years of service as selectman in Albion. Town officials credit Drake’s fiscal conservatism as a big reason for Albion’s history of financial stability.

Elections in Norridgewock found selectman candidates Richard Holt and Ron Health in a dead heat. Following two recounts that failed to determine a winner, the candidates agreed to have a run-off election to take place on April 26.

Jane Duncan is the new town manager of Wells. Duncan most recently served as deputy county manager for Cumberland County, following her post as town manager of Kennebunkport from 1984-2000. In Wells, Mike Huston filled the role of interim town manager after the departure of 16-year town manager Jonathan Carter, who is now town manager in Kittery.

A new board of selectmen was elected in Knox. The three selectmen are Galen Larrabee, Ronald Price and Russell Higgins.

Valerie St. Amand-Casey was ousted from the board of selectmen by Windsor voters on March 14 in a three-way-race with Thomas Birmingham and incumbent Thomas Squiers.

Deputy town manager Lynette Eastman will be taking over as town manager of Chelsea. Eastman has 18 years municipal experience including service in Woolwich and Pittston. Town Manager Robert Drisko retired at the end of March.

Upon the election of Clara Smith as selectman, Beals has a first-time all-female board of selectmen. Velton Peabody nominated Smith to succeed him on the board of selectmen, as he is retiring from town government.

Harrington residents re-elected Ernest Marston, Jr. to a three-year term as selectman.

David Knapp was elected to a three-year term on the Fryeburg Board of Selectmen by a vote of 196-154.

In Montville, incumbent George Maendel was elected first selectman and Carrie Peavey was elected second selectman. In a three-way race, Randy Hayes won the seat of third selectman.

James Bouchard was elected to a three-year term on Cyr Plantation’s board of assessors.

Running unopposed, incumbent Thomas Batson was re-elected as selectman in Addison.

In a two-person race for selectman in Brooks, incumbent Ben Lufkin won by a vote of 68-37.

On March 14, Jonesport selectmen Ralph Smith and Catherine Perry retained their positions as first and third selectmen, and Howard Mills was unopposed as second selectman.

Incumbent selectmen Barry Campbell and Robert Bartlett ran unopposed for the two open selectmen’s seats in Littleton. In neighboring Monticello, Brian Harvey and Terry Wade both won in a race to fill two open selectmen’s seats.

In a three-way race, Robert Nelson, Sr. was re-elected to a three-year term on the Ashland Town Council.

Niilo Sillanpaa ran unopposed for the selectman’s seat of Guy Haines in Phillips. Haines did not run for re-election after nine years of service on the board.

Robert Brackett , 83, a long-time elected official in South Berwick, and past president of Maine Municipal Association in the early 1980s, died on March 22.