Election Process Begins for LPC

(from Maine Townsman, May 2008)

In the spring of each even-numbered year, when the Legislature finally adjourns its second regular session, the process begins to elect MMA's next 70-member Legislative Policy Committee.

If you are an elected or appointed local government official interested in working with 69 of your colleagues from across the state to develop the municipal positions on matters of public policy, you may be interested in this announcement.

From tax reform to Tree Growth, from school consolidation to school subsidy appropriations, from "EPS" to "LD 1" to "URIP" and beyond -- on matters of public policy both large and small -- the Association's Legislative Policy Committee has two essential tasks.

First, the Policy Committee actively develops a specific legislative agenda to be advanced during each two-year legislative cycle.

Second, the Policy Committee reacts to the legislative initiatives of others by identifying in an open, deliberative town-meeting process MMA's position on all municipally-related legislation.

MMA's advocacy staff is directed by the decisions of the Association's Legislative Policy Committee. Our job at MMA is to advance the positions the Legislative Policy Committee takes on hundreds of legislative initiatives submitted each year.

More information about MMA's Legislative Policy Committee and the LPC election process can be found on the Association's website http://www.memun.org/public/MMA/svc/SFR/SFR.htm. That election process begins with the distribution of the nomination papers which have just been sent out to each board of selectmen and town or city council in the state. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Association's Legislative Policy Committee or if you are considering serving on the LPC, please visit the website and take the time to speak about your interests with your selectmen or councilors.