Thanks and Best Wishes . . .  to Senator Christine Savage

(from Maine Townsman, May 2008)

Since the 117th Legislature convened 13 years ago, the people of Maine have benefited from the service of Christine Savage in both the House and the Senate.  In 1994, she was elected by the people of Union to the House of Representatives, where she served three terms (1995 to 2000).  In 2001, Senator Savage was elected to represent the people of Knox County as a member of the Senate.  In her first term Senator Savage served as a member of the State and Local Government Committee. Since 1997 she has served on the Transportation Committee.  In 2001 and 2002, she served as Senate chair of the Transportation Committee. 

During her tenure in both the House and the Senate, Senator Savage has been a strong advocate for municipal government.  Her understanding of local issues and local procedures is due in large part to her 20-year career in town government, as well as her inherent common sense and strong work ethic.  Senator Savage began her illustrious local government career in the town of Camden in 1976, where she served in many capacities, including an 11-month stint as the interim manager.  In 1991 she was hired to manage the town of Warren, where she stayed until she was elected to the Legislature in 1995.   

Municipal officials believe that Senator Savage's commitment to local government has made her a great asset to the state Legislature. MMA certainly appreciates her efforts to advance public policy that has helped to improve the way in which services are provided at the local level.  Equally important has been Senator Savage's efforts to continually educate her peers about how state-level decisions impact the delivery of services at the local level.

Although Senator Savage's presence in the Legislature will be missed, the people of Union will continue to benefit from her knowledge and experience.   Upon her retirement from the Legislature, Senator Savage will be back at work serving as interim manager in Union until a suitable replacement can be found.  

Many thanks and best wishes to Senator Savage.