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MMA's Elected Officials Workshop sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 1/24/17

Location: Maine Municipal Association, 60 Community Drive, Augusta, ME Time: Registration – 4:00-4:30 pm | Program – 4:30-8:30 pm...
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MMA's Elected Officials Workshop sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - Live Video Conference - 1/24/17

Location: Northern Maine Development Commission, 11 West Presque Isle Rd., Caribou Time: Registration – 4:00-4:30 pm | Program – ...
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Recent Announcements

12/08/2016 - Spirit of America Awards

Your municipal governing body is invited to pick a local person, project or group to receive the 2017 Spirit of America Foundation tribute for outstanding community service. Your recipient can be recognized at your annual town meeting or during National Volunteer Month, in April. There is no fee involved. Each year, more than 100 Maine municipalities select a Spirit of America Award winner.

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11/30/2016 - Legal Marijuana & Municipalities

Maine Municipal Association’s Legal Services Department is advising members on how to respond to the Nov. 8 vote to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in Maine. The vote, which is being recounted, has far-ranging consequences for municipalities. Towns and cities, in turn, have a fair degree of authority to regulate various commercial aspects of marijuana in their communities. MMA is offering a legal analysis of the current situation and model ordinances to enact a moratorium and to enact a prohibition on retail marijuana establishments and social clubs.

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11/28/2016 - MMA Public Service Campaign: Your Vote Counts

Maine Municipal Association today launched a Public Service campaign thanking town and city election workers, and polling volunteers across the state, for their service during the recent election. The campaign – “Your Vote Counts” – also assures voters that the Maine election process is open, fair and professionally run. MMA will employ a two-pronged, social media and electronic media strategy in disseminating its video messages.

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11/28/2016 - Beaches Conference Seeks Presenters

The event itself is a ways off, but organizers for the 2017 Beaches Conference are asking people interesting in making presentations to contact them now. The conference will be held July 14, 2017 in Wells. People interested in protecting Maine and New Hampshire beaches will attend.

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11/23/2016 - New Overtime Rules Will Not Take Effect on Dec. 1

A federal judge in Texas has issued an injunction against the implementation of the regulation that would have changed the salary threshold for exempt status under the FLSA. As employers who have spent months preparing for it know, the change was scheduled to go into effect on Dec. 1, 2016. 

Employers do not have to make changes in the salary, overtime treatment or exempt/hourly status of any employee at this point, based on the salary regulation that had been slated for Dec. 1. The salary threshold stays at $23,660 annually or $455 per week.

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11/14/2016 - Adult Degree Completion Scholarships

Priority consideration for the University of Maine System’s Adult Degree Scholarships ends on Dec. 1. The scholarships are designed to encourage people who earned some college credits, but never graduated, to re-invigorate their college training and finish their degrees. There are an estimated 200,000 “stranded adult learners” in Maine.

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11/01/2016 - Cyber Security for Municipalities

The Maine Emergency Management Association and Thomas College are joining forces to hold a special training event about Cyber Security for Municipalities on Nov. 28, at Thomas’ Waterville campus. The 90-minute workshop is free, starting at 1:30 p.m. MEMA says this will be part of an ongoing training series about cyber security.

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10/21/2016 - MMA Convention Presentations Available

As per our tradition, Maine Municipal Association has posted many of the written and Power Point presentations that were part of our 2016 Annual Convention, which was held earlier this month in Bangor. As handy as the presentations are, there’s nothing like hearing them in person and networking with hundreds of municipal colleagues from across the state. We hope to see you in person on Oct. 4-5, 2017, at the Augusta Civic Center.

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10/13/2016 - The Future of Rural Health Care in Maine

The Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) will host a day-long meeting on Advancing Rural Health Systems Transformation on Thursday, Nov. 10, at the Cross Center in Bangor. Breakout sessions will focus on governance, finance, service delivery, and the workforce in the context of rural health systems, and provide attendees with opportunities to interact with a diverse group of participants who want to rethink the future of rural health care in Maine.

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10/07/2016 - Stormwater Finance Forum

The New England Environmental Finance Center will hold Stormwater Finance Forum on Nov. 15-16 at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. The conference will look at minimizing the costs of stormwater control and creative financing strategies that can help municipal stormwater budgets. Lodging assistance is available for early registrants.

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