Safety Shorts

Safety Shorts are provided to assist members in increasing safety awareness among employees. They are designed for supervisors to review a subject with employees prior to performing a certain task, as a "shop talk" at the beginning of the workday, after an accident or "near miss" or as part of a scheduled safety meeting. Safety Shorts may be used as handouts or printed for posting. Feel free to copy and distribute them to employees as you deem appropriate.

It is recommended that each time you meet to review a topic with employees, you document the meeting. These records should be kept on file. A Record of Training document for this purpose is linked or you can use your own form.

Safety Shorts are provided for informational purposes only and provide a general review of some of the more common hazards and precautions. More extensive training may be required to adequately address all aspects of job safety.

The following Safety Shorts are available:

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