Road Commissioner

This Maine Municipal Association publication is presented for "Classroom Use Only."  Its intended use is to stimulate and aid in discussion and role playing within a classroom setting.

Nature of Work

This is responsible administrative, supervisory and technical work directing the operations of the Town's Public Works Department. This is an elective position in the Town of __________.

Employee of this class is responsible for directing and coordinating the activities of the Public Works Department. Work involves the supervision of all staff involved in various activities, the preparation and administration of the departmental budget, and the scheduling of departmental activities and projects. Work is performed with considerable independence, subject to review through observation, reports and results achieved.

Examples of Work (Illustrative Only)

Supervises all Public Works activities including highway and road maintenance and construction, snow removal, and building and equipment maintenance.

Supervises long and short term program planning for all divisions of the Public Works Department; prepares and administers the department's budget.

Advises the Town Administrator on all Public Works activities and problems and confers with subordinates during the development and progress of various projects.

Initiates and contracts for construction projects such as street construction or repair, sidewalks, or for building improvements or alterations.

Insures implementation and/or compliance with Federal and State regulations relative to all public works and engineering activities.

Receives citizen inquiries or complaints and attempts to resolve the issues.

Coordinates and reviews plans and specifications prepared by consultant firms for private or municipal projects; works closely with MDOT in planning and development of projects in Topsham.

Hires department staff and takes proper disciplinary measures when necessary.

Prepares bid specifications for all equipment and projects and coordinates all purchasing.

Oversees the repair and maintenance of all municipal vehicles and equipment, and is responsible for maintaining the Town Garage facility.

Maintains and safely keeps records, instruments, plans, profiles, records of surveys and all other property and papers relating to engineering work of every description belonging to the Town.

Performs related work as required.

Requirements of Work

Extensive knowledge of the modern principles and practices of public works administration as applied to the construction and maintenance of streets, and other public works.

Working knowledge of the principles and practices of civil engineering as they apply to the planning, location, construction, and operation of municipal streets, sewers, related systems, bridges, dams, and wharves.

Extensive knowledge of and the ability to apply the principles and practices of organization, management, and personnel and financial administration in the operation of a major municipal department.

Ability to organize, direct and coordinate the activities of the several divisions of the department.

Ability to develop long term plans and programs and to make sound decisions on matters of operations, policy, and administrative problems.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinate employees, other town officials and the general public.

Considerable knowledge of laws, ordinances, and regulations relating to municipal public works.

Desirable Training and Experience

Graduation from a college or university with major course work in civil engineering or a related field; experience in municipal public works including work as a labor foreman on major road construction and maintenance activities; or any equivalent combination of experience and training.