Town Administrator

This Maine Municipal Association publication is presented for "Classroom Use Only."  Its intended use is to stimulate and aid in discussion and role playing within a classroom setting.

Nature of Work

'I'his is responsible and varied professional work as the Chief Administrator Officer in assisting the board of Selectmen in managing Town affairs in accordance with Municipal Ordinances and the laws of the State of Maine and of the United States.

'I'he Administrator is charged with executing the policies and procedures put forth by the Board of Selectmen and the Town Meeting. The Administrator shall act in such capacity as the Board of Selectmen may direct in municipal, state, federal, and other policy issues affecting the Town.

The Administrator is responsible for the annual consolidation of a proposed budget (in conjunction with the Selectmen and the Budget Committee) and the administration of the budget once adopted. The Administrator is also responsible for developing Administrator procedures and for ensuring adherence to these procedures by all departments and employees.

The Administrator is charged with the responsibility of advising the Board and general public on the current status of all affairs of the Town and is responsible for preparing an annual report of the previous year's activities.

'I'he Administrator is responsible for the maintenance of sound positive public relations between the Town and its citizens; between the Town and other governmental agencies and between the various boards and commissions that make up the Town Government. The Administrator will contact the chairperson of each Board or Commission at least once a quarter and at all times for procedural guidance and advice. 'I'he Administrator will attend Board meetings and/or Commission meetings as deemed necessary.

'I'he Administrator performs such other duties as may be directed by the Board of Selectmen.

Examples of Work (Illustrative Only)

Carries out the directives of the Board of Selectmen; prepares reports and written recommendations as part of these activities.

Attends meetings of the Board of Selectmen, preparing and providing supporting documents and information pertinent to agenda items; accomplishes minutes of the meeting.

Serves as the liaison between the Board of Selectmen and personnel. Acts as Personnel Director for the Town; hires (with Board of Selectmen approval), evaluates and directs the Town's staff.

Monitors the budget and all financial affairs of the Town; works closely with Selectmen, Budget Committee, and department heads to develop a comprehensive budget and work program.

Administers the yearly operating budget and capital improvements budgets, submitting regular reports to the Board on the status of the Town's budget.

Responsible for implementing all Board of Selectmen's policy decisions and providing staff in all departments with the clear and efficient operating procedures necessary to carry out Board policy mandates.

Serves as the approval agent for Town purchasing.

Attends meetings and conventions on behalf of the Town.

Serves as liaison between the Board of Selectmen and various public and private agencies and businesses and the citizens of the Town.

Represents the Town to a variety of outside organizations.


Requirements of Work

Knowledge of municipal management, municipal government, programs, community problems, and decision-making processes.

Knowledge of municipal financial management and accounting procedures, budgeting and investments.

Knowledge of the statutory Treasurer's responsibilities as practiced in the State of Maine.

Knowledge of application process for state and federal grant programs.

Knowledge of state and federal programs and decision-making processes.

Knowledge of the principles of personnel administration.

Working knowledge of purchasing principles and practices, including the bid process.

Working knowledge of computers, including word processing and data entry.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing, including research capability and reporting ability.

Ability to maintain positive relations with town personnel and to direct, supervise and motivate staff.

Ability to organize and use time effectively and to be creative and analytical.

Ability to listen and to accept criticism; must possess conflict resolution skills and public relations skills.

Desirable Experience and Training

Considerable experience in a responsible position of a managerial nature, preferably in local government. A background in financial management and accounting, budget preparation and accounting, personnel management, administrator/organizational development, human relations skills. A degree in public administration or related field or any equivalent combination of experience and training.