Town Clerk

This Maine Municipal Association publication is presented for "Classroom Use Only."  Its intended use is to stimulate and aid in discussion and role playing within a classroom setting.

Nature of Work

This is responsible administrative work in directing all activities of the office of the Town Clerk.

Work responsibilities include the preparation and maintenance of all Council records and other official municipal documents, supervision of elections within the Town, issuance of various licenses and permits, recording various documents and vital statistics, organization and supervision of cemeteries. Work involves extensive public contact in collecting various files and providing information and in issuance of licenses. Work is performed in accordance with the charter, ordinances and general law, and requires initiative, judgment, and ability to work effectively and independently with the public and other officials.

Examples of Work (Illustrative Only)

Attends Town Council meetings, prepares agenda, order and minutes of the proceedings and maintains indexes and preserves all permanent Council and other Town records.

Plans and supervises the conduct of all elections; prepares polls, ballot boxes, voting machines and ballots; instructs election officials as to election laws and procedures; issues absentee ballots; processes all election ballots and reports results to the Secretary of State; supervises Board of Voter Registration and all voter registration functions.

Validates official documents; oversees posting of official notices, ordinances, and advertisements; records papers with the federal, State and County governments as needed; swears in municipal officials as necessary.

Supervises the issuance of, or issues, various licenses such as marriage, hunting, fishing and dog licenses, and maintains all records in relation thereto.

Supervises the issuance of, or issues, most licenses such as victualer licenses, mobile home park licenses, coin-operated amusement device licenses, as mandated by local or state law.

Acts as the custodian of the official Town seal.

Maintains records of births, deaths, and marriages, and sends periodic reports to the State of Maine Office of Vital Statistics.

Maintains a public information service and, in response to reasonable requests, furnishes information and material concerning the Town government.

Accounts for all public monies received by him/her in such manner as the Treasurer may prescribe.

Performs all duties and exercises all powers incumbent upon or invested in Town Clerks by state law.

Sells, records, indexes and maintains records of cemetery lots sold and arranges for burials and the payment of same.

Prepares agenda, mails notifications, advertises, attends meetings of the Board of Appeals; prepares and distributes minutes of Board of Appeals meetings.

Acts as, or arranges for, a clerk for all municipal boards and committee meetings.

Sets up and maintains a records retention and destruction system for the Municipal Center.

Updates Charter, Code and Ordinances as necessary.

Serves as Acting Town Manager during Town Manager's absence.

Requirements of Work

Thorough knowledge and understanding of the State statutes relating to the duties and responsibilities of Town and City Clerks.

Thorough knowledge of modern office procedures, practices and equipment.

Ability to rapidly acquire and assimilate knowledge of the provisions of the Town Charter, Town ordinances, and State regulations relating to operation of the office and Town government and ability to communicate same to office staff, other Town officials and the public.

Knowledge of bookkeeping.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with other Town officials, employees and the general public.

Proficiency in the use of the typewriter and computer.

Ability to organize and maintain records and prepare reports.

Desirable Experience and Training

Considerable experience in clerical work of a responsible nature including experience with public contact; high school graduation supplemented by courses in accounting, business education, office procedures, and computers. Should be a certified Town Clerk or capable of being certified.