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08/21/2019 - MMA Legal Guidance re: Maine’s Marijuana Laws

Maine Municipal Association’s Legal Services Department has once again updated its Marijuana Statutes “Cheat Sheet” to reflect the most recent amendments to the state’s marijuana and hemp laws.

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08/15/2019 - DEP Sludge Management (PFAS) Grants

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is making funding available to municipal and quasi-municipal wastewater treatment facilities that do not have sludge dewatering infrastructure. The deadline to apply for these grants is Sept. 20, 2019. Grant awards will be a maximum of $150,000 per applicant. The effort is necessary due to the potential presence of PFAS compounds in sludge.

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08/13/2019 - Investing in Solar Programs

The Sustain Mid-Maine Coalition has produced a report – “Opportunities for Municipalities to Lower Energy Costs by Investing in Solar” – that it wants to share with towns and cities, which also may be considering renewable energy sources. The nine-page document focuses on strategies that municipalities can use in deciding whether to invest in solar programs that are designed mainly to lower electricity costs.

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08/09/2019 - New MMA Video on Writing Effective Media Releases

The Maine Municipal Association posted a new educational video for members on how to write effective releases that towns and cities can send to weekly and daily newspapers, radio stations, television stations and news websites. The 14-minute video offers advice about the length and content of media releases, as well as describing the “key elements of news,” which municipal leaders can consider in making decisions about communicating through the media and directly with citizens.

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08/06/2019 - Public Library Research Request

A researcher at the University of Albany in New York seeks input on the role of public libraries in Maine, including the potential inter-connectedness between libraries, municipal government and their communities. “Smart city technology” is a growing trend in municipal governance, and this university is exploring whether public libraries can play larger roles. Completing a survey would be a first step.

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08/01/2019 - Civility Toolkit Available

Incivility in America – particularly in government discourse – is a growing concern. Rudeness, disrespect and hostility can sideline collaboration and compromise. Extremes on both ends of the political spectrum stymie productive dialogue. The public can grow worn, weary and disappointed as a result. Revive Civility, a project of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, has created a “toolkit” for elected officials, members of the media and the public at large to consider using during this time of impolite discourse. It is available at no cost. Members are required to sign in, using email addresses, for this material.

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07/25/2019 - South Portland Video: Don’t Feed Waterfowl

South Portland Community Television produced a funny, informative video called "Duckasaurus," illustrating why people should not feed ducks, gulls, pigeons and other birds at public parks. The city is sharing the video with other municipalities, which may want to educate citizens and visitors about the same issue.

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07/23/2019 - Stream Crossing Grant Workshops

The state Department of Environmental Protection will host four workshops for prospective applicants gearing up for Round 2 of its Municipal Infrastructure Stream Crossing Upgrade Grants. The workshops will be held in Presque Isle, Portland, Augusta and Bangor, starting on Aug. 14.

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07/11/2019 - Dealing with Mosquitoes, Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services and Maine Center for Disease Control recently updated their report and recommendations on how to prevent, monitor and respond to mosquito-borne illnesses. The report, designed expressly for towns and cities, includes recommendations for citizens, but also for municipalities that wish to engage in mosquito control.

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07/10/2019 - Resolve to Support Recycling Programs

Maine Municipal Association has been informed that the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) wants to draft legislation creating an extended producer packaging responsibility law for the Legislature's consideration next year. The goal of the resolve is to create a system that shifts responsibility for managing the waste that producers generate, rather than shifting costs onto property taxpayers. To this end, DEP is seeking input on how best to achieve this goal.  The department wants input by no later than Friday, July 19.

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08/21/2019 - MMA Legal Guidance re: Maine’s Marijuana Laws Read More...

08/15/2019 - DEP Sludge Management (PFAS) Grants

08/13/2019 - Investing in Solar Programs

08/09/2019 - New MMA Video on Writing Effective Media Releases Read More...

08/06/2019 - Public Library Research Request

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