WCSIP Overview

The Workers Compensation Safety Incentive Program (WCSIP) is available exclusively to all MMA Workers’ Compensation Fund Members. If you have not joined this program, now is the time. We encourage you to review this program and see how simple it is to participate. We welcome you to join with the over 100 Members who have taken those steps and have received financial savings on their annual Workers Compensation contribution. To allow the additional time needed to join, we have extended the deadline to start the process, the due dates are:

Step 1. – Complete the Acknowledgment Form – Due on or before July 1

The Member Acknowledgment Form confirms your interest in participating in the program. The form must be completed and returned to WCSIP@memun.org on or before July 1. This form is only required in the Member's first year of participation.

Step 2. – Pass a Resolve – Due on or before August 1

Your governing board must pass a resolve electing to participate in this voluntary program. The Resolve Form is a critical document that sets the tone for your safety program. It lets all employees know that management has set the safety and health of your organization’s workers as a top priority. Leadership’s commitment provides the motivating force and the resources for organizing and controlling all activities within an organization. In an effective safety program, management regards worker safety and health and the protection of property and the public as a fundamental value of the organization. A copy of this resolution must be sent to WCSIP@memun.org. This Resolve should be received on or before August 1 of the year prior to joining the WCSIP and it is only required in the member’s first year of participation in the program.

Step 3. – Verification Data Form – Due on or before September 1

The program is tiered into three levels based on documented performance. These tier levels are progressive in nature and to advance to the next tier level a Member must comply with all components of prior tier levels. The Verification Data Form is used to document the Member’s tier level qualifications.  A Member may submit a new Verification Data Form at any time during the policy year prior to September 1 seeking to enter the program or advance to a higher tier level. Tier levels changes will only take place at the next renewal. For example, a Member who is in Tier II may submit a Verification Data Form on any date prior to September 1 indicating that they now meet all the criteria for Tier III. Upon approval of the information received, the change from Tier II to Tier III will take place at the next renewal on January 1.

The Verification Data Form needs to be submitted on or before the September 1 deadline in order to support the tier assignment. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered until the following year. This form should help you to better understand your current tier placement and provide you with guidance on how to advance to the next tier. Verification of this information will be completed by MMA Risk Management Services.