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MMA Interviews Candidates for Governor

07/17/2018 - MMA Interviews Candidates for Governor

On June 27, Maine Municipal Association’s 12-member Executive Committee interviewed all four candidates running for Governor this year. Candidates were asked about issues ranging from easing the pressure on local property taxpayers to roads and bridges, from keeping young people in Maine to Internet connectivity. Today, we released all four video interviews to the public and to our members. MMA wishes to thank candidates Shawn Moody, Janet Mills, Terry Hayes and Alan Caron for meeting with us. We look forward to having a constructive relationship with the winner.

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Upcoming Workshops

MMA's Labor and Employment Law: Managing Municipal Personnel - sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 9/20/18

Location: Spectacular Event Center, 395 Griffin Road, Bangor, Maine 04401 Time: Registration: 8:30 am - 9:00 am | Workshop:...
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MMA's Elected Officials Workshop sponsored by the Maine Municipal Association - 10/30/18

Location: Black Bear Inn and Conference Center - 4 Godfrey Drive, Orono ME 04473 Time: Registration – 4:00-4:30 pm / Progra...
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MMA's Basic Municipal Budgeting sponsored by the Maine Municipal Association - 11/1/18

Location: Black Bear Inn and Conference Center - 4 Godfrey Drive, Orono ME 04473 Time: Registration: 8:30 a.m. / Workshop: ...
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MMA's Advanced Supervisors’ Boot Camp sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 11/8/18

Location: Fireside Inn and Suites, 81 Riverside Street, Portland ME 04103 Time: Registration: 12:30 p.m. |  Course: 1:00 p....
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MMA's Local Planning Boards and Boards of Appeal sponsored by the Maine Municipal Association - 11/29/18

Location: Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center - 67 Atlantic Highway, Northport ME 04849 Time: 4:00 pm-4:30 pm – Regi...
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MMA's Elected Officials Workshop sponsored by the Maine Municipal Association - 12/6/18

Location: Bethel Inn Resort - 21 Broad Street, Bethel ME 04217 Time: Registration – 4:00-4:30 pm / Program – 4:30-8:30 pm ...
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Recent Announcements

09/10/2018 - Grow Smart Maine Summit in Bangor

Grow Smart Maine will hold its biggest annual event at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on Thursday, Oct. 11. The conference will feature many of the ways that the City of Bangor is rejuvenating itself, including along its waterfront and downtown. A question and answer session with the 2018 Gubernatorial candidates is also planned.

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09/04/2018 - Tourism Planning Survey

The Maine Office of Tourism is developing a five-year strategic plan to help grow this important industry, and municipal input is sought. The deadline to complete the survey is coming right up: This Friday, Sept. 7.

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08/30/2018 - General Assistance Maximums

The state Department of Health & Human Services has released its anticipated “General Assistance Maximums,” which are produced to help municipalities administer general assistance programs. All municipalities must annually adopt the most recent maximum assistance numbers issued by DHHS before Oct. 1. This is accomplished by amending the municipal GA ordinance to replace existing appendices with the updated versions. State law also requires that municipalities notify DHHS once the local ordinances are updated.

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08/24/2018 - Municipal Energy Efficiency

A Westbrook-based organization called the Maine Climate Table is inviting municipal officials to attend a meeting on municipal energy efficiency at Coastal Enterprises Inc. in Brunswick, on Sept. 25.

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08/22/2018 - Effective Date of New Medical Marijuana Laws

It seems there may be some confusion about the effective date of LD 1539, the recent sweeping overhaul of Maine’s Medical Use of Marijuana Act.  Contrary to popular belief, this legislation will NOT take effect this October.  It is not likely to become effective until much later this year, if not early 2019.  MMA Legal Services explains.

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08/20/2018 - New Sample Medical Marijuana Moratorium Available

MMA’s Legal Services staff has updated our sample Medical Marijuana Retail Store Moratorium Ordinance.

In addition to registered caregiver retail stores, this updated version temporarily prohibits the licensing, location, and operation of new medical marijuana registered dispensaries, testing facilities, and manufacturing facilities. Given the volume of questions we have received recently about proposals for these other types of medical marijuana establishments within municipalities, we thought that an expanded moratorium ordinance was warranted. Of course, municipalities may tailor this sample to address the type or types of establishments of particular interest to them.

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08/06/2018 - USDA Seeks Broadband Comments

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is seeking comments about its planned $600 million rural broadband program, which was recently created by Congress. The result will be a one-time application process and grant program for communities with 20,000 residents or less. The comment period will end on Sept. 10.

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08/01/2018 - Critical Investments for Maine

The Maine Development Foundation has released a report and executive summary about areas of investment that would help boost Maine’s economy. The report was done in conjunction with the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Educate Maine.

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07/26/2018 - Local Advocacy Toolkit for Municipal Leaders

The State & Federal Relations staff at Maine Municipal Association today is releasing an extensive set of tools to help municipal leaders – our most effective advocates – engage candidates for the Legislature and Governor’s Office during the crucial 2018 election season. Please check out this comprehensive package, use it, and feel free to contact MMA with any questions.

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07/18/2018 - Medical Marijuana Retail Stores

Many municipalities have been struggling with how to regulate medical marijuana retail stores. See a summary of the issue and recommendations from MMA Legal Services, including a Sample Moratorium Ordinance, on our Marijuana Resources page.

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