Boilers & Pressure Vessel Inspection Program

To ensure public safety, the State of Maine requires periodic inspections of certain boilers and pressure vessels that are located in municipal buildings, schools and governmental facilities. MMA Risk Management Services partners with Travels BoilerRe Risk Control to perform these inspection services as an added service for our member’s.  

To request a Jurisdictional (State Required) Inspection, we request that you call for email:

Call this toll-free number 1-800-425-4119 or email

When you contact Travelers Boiler Re Hotline, the Service Coordinators will route your request to the proper contact to schedule your inspection.

Account Name: Maine Municipal Association

Location: Where the equipment is located, including zip code

Contact Information: Person inspector should contact to arrange inspection including phone number and email address.

Equipment: Type of equipment requiring inspection

Certificate Data: Inspection date and certificate number (i.e. H1234 or PV1234)

Please note that the Certificate costs billed by the State of Maine are the responsibility of the boiler/pressure vessel owner.