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Online University

The Online University provides members with the ability to educate employees on critical safety and health and liability topics.

In the Online University we have courses for most municipal departments such as Fire, Police, EMS, Library, Public Works, Transfer Stations, Office staff, Recreation, Utilities and Schools. There are over 500 courses, and more being added all the time.

These awareness level courses, taken in conjunction with a documented review of your department-specific policies, meet the training requirements of the Maine Department of Labor.

The Online University offers many pre-approved courses for continuing education credits (CEUs) for the Society for Human Resource Management – Certified Professional (SHRM-CP). The education hours will show on the employees’ certificate of completion if they have added the certification to their profile before taking the training.

Custom Course Management Tool gives Online University members a powerful new tool in the administrative section. It is the ability to upload custom policies and courses, document training and track certifications.

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For more information or to become a local administrator, please contact us or call 1-800-590-5583.

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With The Custom Course Management Tool, You Can:

  • Add customized courses that are visible to only your employees.
  • Track live on-site trainings.
  • Link to and assign third party online courses as employee training.
  • Upload Policies with acknowledgement statement or Knowledge-based testing.
  • Assigned policies just like the training modules and track progress on the training reports.
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Online Driver Training

MMA Risk Management Services has partnered with Safety National to create a safer driving environment for Members of the Workers’ Compensation Fund

Through our collaboration we are excited to offer multiple driver training courses, which include:

  • Attention and Distraction
  • Fire – EVOC Intersection
  • Police- EVOC Intersection Analysis
  • Ambulance- EVOC Intersection

These dynamic programs are designed to help employees protect themselves from the most frequent causes of crashes. So, whether you are responding Code 3 or driving to your next meeting, we will help get you there safely.

*Please note that a login and password is required to access this new training opportunity.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions about MMA Risk Management Safety Training please contact us or call 1-800-590-5583.

Enroll in Driver Training:
1. Visit:

2. Click on "Create New Account"

3. Complete the Create Account Form

a) Select your Department

b) Select your Member

c) Enter First and Last name (This will appear on your certificate of completion)

d) Enter your Email

e) Create a password (at least 6 characters)

4. Click “Create New Account”

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