Ed MacDonald Safety Scholarship


MMA’s Risk Management Services is committed to helping current Workers’ Compensation Fund members provide the training necessary to implement safe work practices and build a solid risk management program. The Safety Scholarship Program provides assistance to members to enhance their safety or risk management skills.

Individual Scholarship Awards

Individual awards may not exceed $500. No individual may receive more than two awards in a calendar year. The scholarships cover reasonable expenses, registration costs, textbooks/study materials, travel, lodging and meals. Wages, overtime pay, shift differential, etc. are not eligible. When four (4) or more individuals are attending the same training, one application may be submitted that lists the names of everyone who will be attending. Scholarships are reviewed and approved throughout the year.

Group Awards

Group scholarship awards will be made for on-site classroom training. Applications will be considered for training that address area or regional needs, provides specialized topics, advanced training, is unavailable at the local level or will train trainers to return to their employers to train others.

When on-site group training is available to a member at no cost for instruction, scholarship applications will be accepted to cover the cost of the educational materials including, but not limited to classroom books. Scholarships will not be awarded for a member’s usual annual training, free training programs, training provided by a member’s own staff, or for training costs that may be reimbursed by another source.

The maximum amount of any special group award is $2000.

A member may receive a total of $3000 for Individual and Group awards in any one calendar year. We reserve the right to review appropriate documentation of all expenses.

Each application received is reviewed on its own merits and awards are contingent on available funds.

How to Apply:

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Only current members of the Workers’ Compensation Fund are eligible to apply. Applications need to be received a minimum of twenty-five (25) days prior to the start of the training. Scholarships will be awarded for participation in safety workshops, risk management seminars or other related training programs. Training aids and materials designed for instructing others do not fall under the scholarship guidelines but may be considered for a Safety Enhancement Grant.