Law Enforcement Grant Program


To encourage MMA Property & Casualty Pool Member Law Enforcement Agencies to have Standard Operation Procedures and relevant training specific to their Agency; to support those Agencies that want to improve policy management and officer training; to achieve certification in the Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (MLEAP).

Note:  Agencies that are MLEAP certified are eligible for up to 15% credit on the Law Enforcement Liability contribution.

Grant Awards

The MMA Property & Casualty Pool intends to provide a one-time award for up to 10 Law Enforcement Agencies. The award will allow up to $5,000 ($2,500 allowed upon award and proof of contract with outside agency and $2,500 at end of award period with requirements met). This will allow the agency to contract with an outside vendor who can assist with, review, update and develop agency specific policies.

MMA reserves the right to determine which applications will be awarded. Applications will be reviewed by an internal committee. If additional funding is available at a later date, we will open an additional grant period.

General Provisions

Grant funds disbursed under the program are intended solely for the purpose of reviewing, updating and developing mandatory and non-mandatory law enforcement policies and trainings within one year of receiving the award.  

Grant Funding Requirements

By the end of a 24-month period (90-day extension may be allowed), the agency will meet the following requirements:
1.    All Maine Bureau of Labor policies, specific to agency, will be updated and reviewed.
2.    All State of Maine mandatory policies will be updated and reviewed.
3.    Relevant required training completed.
4.    Meet all required Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program standards. 

How to Apply:

Law Enforcement Grant Program › MLEAP Grant Application
MLEAP Grant Application

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All MMA Property & Casualty Pool members with a Law Enforcement Agency are eligible to participate. The Law Enforcement Agency must be a current Member of the Pool on or after July 1st

Applications will be accepted until August 1st.

Final decisions will be made by August 15th.