Embden - Request For Proposal for Annual Update & Maintenance of Municipal Tax Maps

    Town of Embden 

Request for Proposal for Annual Update & Maintenance of Municipal Tax Maps

The Embden Board of Assessors are accepting proposals from a qualified mapping/survey company who may wish to be contracted to provide mapping services for the Town of Embden. The successful bidder will be qualified to perform the following services for the Assessors:

To maintain the town's property tax maps by plotting land splits; annually reviewing transfer sheets and deeds; review deeds upon request of the Assessors; plotting map changes as directed by the Board of Assessors; and any standard and necessary function of a mapping company that may be reasonably required.

These duties shall be performed as an independent contractor and not as an employee of the Town of Embden.

Any proposal submitted pursuant to this request shall be in writing and clearly state the charges for performing the above-listed functions for the single tax year beginning January 1, 2017.  All proposals shall be addressed to:

Board of Assessors

Town of Embden

809 Embden Pond Road 

Embden, Maine 04958

The Board shall open and review all proposals as they are received.  Position will remain open until a satisfactory candidate has been found.

For any further information regarding this request for proposal, or for an opportunity to review the existing town tax maps, please contact Terriann Lamontagne, Chairman, Board of Assessors, at (207) 566-5551 during normal business hours.  A copy of the most recent tax maps are available on the Town website at: 


The Assessors appreciate your attention to this invitation.

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