Town of Holden - 1998 Metal Fab Pumper/Tanker

<body data-gramm_id="ccefa2db-b4f3-f7e7-902e-bcb2a5a7ed84" data-gramm="true" style="overflow: hidden;"><body data-gramm_id="32f1b5cc-04f1-aace-84bf-d1d9fe299106" data-gramm="true" spellcheck="false" data-gramm_editor="true" style="overflow: hidden;">The Town of Holden is accepting bids for a used 1998

International Metal Fab Pumper/Tanker.The tTruck has a rescue style body with a

commercial 2 man cab. The engine is a 300hp International on a 4900 series chassis.
Holds a 1500 gallon poly water tank with 30-gallon foam cell. Foam injection
system for cross lays and booster line. Booster line reel located under
driver’s side cab with electric rewind. Electric arm drop down ladder rack to
hold a 24ft extension, 14ft roof, and 10ft attic ladder. Hale pump that is
currently out of service. Impeller shaft and impeller damaged and needs
replacement or the entire pump replaced. No loose equipment included with the

truck.The truck will be sold as is. Can be seen at the Holden Fire department, and

pictures can be sent on request.  Minimum
Bid is $18,000. Bids are due to the Holden Town Office by March 31st,

2017 at 1:00 p.m.  The Town reserves the right

to refuse any and all bids as deemed in the best interests of the town and the
Town reserves the right to negotiate as it deems in the best interest of the

Mail bids to Town of Holden, 570 Main Rd., Holden ME 04429

Call the Fire Chief at (207) 843-6737 if you have any questions.

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