City of Gardiner - RFP for the Purchase of a New Boat

| Due: 03/24/2017


This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) of offers for a fire department boat as specified in attachment A is issued in accordance with the City Charter and purchasing policy of the City of Gardiner, Maine (“the City”). SCOPE:  The terms of this RFP apply in like force to this proposal submission process and to any subsequent contract resulting therefrom. PAYMENT:  Payments to be made by the City will be made by authorized personnel only.  COLLUSIVE BIDDING:  The vendor’s signature on a submitted proposal is a guarantee by the Vendor that the prices quoted have been arrived at without collusion with other eligible vendors or any other persons or entities in a manner that has the effect, or potential effect, of precluding the City from obtaining the lowest possible competitive price. A proposal shall be signed by the person or persons legally authorized to bind a vendor to a contract. SPECIFICATIONS: Vendors must submit a proposal in accordance with the terms and conditions and the scope of services set forth in this RFP.   

INVESTIGATION: Vendors submitting bids shall make all investigations necessary to inform themselves regarding the services(s) requested and to be performed under this RFP and any resulting contract(s). By submitting a proposal, a vendor represents that it has read and fully understands this RFP and any addenda. 

CLARIFICATION OF RFP: Vendors who request a clarification of the RFP requirements must submit questions in writing to Chief Alfred R. Nelson, Jr., in the manner and by the deadline specified in Section III.A. of this RFP. All written questions must be received by the City no later than the date or time stated herein. The City or its authorized staff and committees will issue a response in the form of an addendum to the RFP if a substantive clarification is necessary. Oral instructions or information concerning this RFP provided by the City or its employees and agents to prospective vendors shall not bind the City or its committees. 

 ADDENDA: Any change to this RFP shall be made by written addendum issued no later than 03/17/2017. The City is not responsible for any explanation,
clarification, response or approval made or given in any manner except by authorized addendum.

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: All proposals submitted in response to this RFP shall be filed with the City in person or via mail (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.) at:
Alfred R Nelson Jr., City of Gardiner, Attn: Fire/Rescue Boat RFP, 6 Church Street, Gardiner, ME 04345.  Three (3) hard copies of the proposal must be submitted.

 ALTERNATE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The City, at its sole discretion, may entertain alternative terms and conditions which deviate from the RFP requirements.
Alternative terms and conditions may be considered if overall contract performance would be improved but not compromised, and if they are in the best interest of the City. Alternative terms and conditions must be submitted with the proposal and must be clearly identified and detailed in such a way that allows such deviations to be fully evaluated. Alternative terms and conditions are not encouraged and, unless explicitly accepted by the City, are deemed to be rejected. COST OF PREPARING PROPOSAL: This RFP does not commit the City to pay any costs incurred by a Vendor in preparing and submitting a proposal or in making
and preparing necessary investigations, studies or designs, or for procuring or contracting for services to be furnished under this RFP. AWARD: All purchases or contracts which are based on competitive proposals will be awarded according to the provisions in the RFP. This RFP is not a commitment by the City to enter into a contract for the equipment requested herein with any particular entity or vendor. The City reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to withdraw this RFP at any time prior to entering into such a contract and/or to reissue the RFP at a later date, if in the City's sole estimate, it is in the best interest of the City to do so.  The City and its authorized staff and committees reserve the right to reject any or all proposals, wholly or in part, or to award multiple contracts in whole or in part, at its sole discretion. The City and its authorized staff and committees also reserve the right at its sole discretion to waive any deviations or errors that are not material, do not invalidate the legitimacy of the proposal, and do not improve the vendor’s competitive position. All awards will be made in a manner deemed in the best interest of the City. 

CANCELLATION: The City or its authorized staff or committees reserve the right to modify, revise or cancel this RFP, without liability to any Vendors at its sole
discretion. The receipt and review of proposals or the completion of interviews do not obligate the City or its authorized staff or committees to award a contract. 

 LATE SUBMISSIONS: Proposals received after the scheduled closing time for filing may be rejected by the City and its authorized staff and committees, without liability to a vendor. Vendors assume all responsibility for the timely submission of proposals in accordance with this RFP. The City and its authorized staff and committees shall have no obligation to consider late-filed proposals. 

 CONFLICT OF INTEREST: A vendor submitting a proposal thereby certifies that no elected or appointed official, agent or employee of the City who has a pecuniary interest in this RFP has participated in the preparation of this RFP or contract negotiations; that the proposal is made in good faith without fraud; that the vendor is competing solely on its own behalf without connection or obligation to any undisclosed person or firm and that the vendor is able to perform all the services specified in this RFP without any conflict of interest.  A breach of this provision shall be deemed an anticipatory default under the terms of any contract issued in accordance with the RFP. 

 PERFORMANCE, PAYMENT AND DEFAULT: The City reserves the right to require a performance and/or payment bond from the successful Vendor in a form and amount acceptable to the City, without expense to the City. In case of default of the vendor, the City may enter into a contract for services specified in this RFP from
other sources and hold the Vendor responsible for any excess cost and other damages caused thereby, or may trigger the coverage provisions of the bonds, at
the sole discretion of the City. vendors should price their proposals assuming a bond will be required.

 PRICING: All rates and prices set forth in a proposal shall remain firm and irrevocable for at least ninety (90) calendar days following the deadline for the submission of proposals. 

AUDIT REQUIREMENTS: A vendor that is awarded a contract under this RFP shall maintain such records as are required by the City in order to allow the City to fulfill its reporting requirements to the State of Maine or other agencies. A successful vendor shall allow the City or other agencies authorized by the City, access to its records at reasonable hours, including all books, records, documents, and accounting procedures and practices relevant to the subject matter of the contract documents, for purposes of audit, for a minimum of six years.

 VENUE: Any legal action or proceeding involving this RFP and any resulting contract shall be venued in a court of competent jurisdiction in Kennebec County, Maine, without regard to conflicts of law principles. 

A. Introduction and Background 
The City is seeking proposals from qualified manufacturers to provide a Fire/Rescue Boat to meet the specifications provided in attachment A.

The City of Gardiner is a service-center community located in Kennebec County in central Maine.  Located along the scenic Kennebec River, Gardiner is home to 5,800 people and features a historic downtown, a new waterfront park, a business park located at the intersection of Maine’s two major Interstate highways.

 C. Timeline for Selection & Project Completion·03/17/2017: Addenda issued, if needed, by 1:00p.m. ET (via City website only)·03/24/2017: Proposals due by 4:00 p.m. ET.·03/31/2017: Proposals reviewed; Winning vendor selected·04/03/2017: Winning vendor notified, contract negotiated

A. RFP Clarification Questions and requests for clarification regarding this RFP must be directed via email to the person listed. The deadline for initiating such questions and/or clarifications is 03/14/2017. Addenda will be issued, as needed, no later than 03/17/2017 solely through the City website at http://www.gardinermaine.comRefer written questions to: 
Alfred R. Nelson Jr., Fire Chief please refer to “FD boat” in the subject line.

B. Proposal Format 
Proposals (3 copies) must be submitted to the City at 6 Church St., Gardiner ME 04345 and at the time and date specified in section 2.C. Proposals must include the Proposal Form contained within this bid package. It is the proposer’s responsibility to ensure that proposals are received prior to the specified closing date and time. Proposals received after the specified closing date and/or time may not be considered. The City shall not be responsible for the proper identification and handling of any proposals submitted. 

 By submitting a proposal, a proposer is accepting the General Instructions of the RFP (reference page 1 of the RFP). 

C. Required Proposal Content 
The proposal must include the following information supporting the respondent’s expertise in providing the required services: 
1.     Company representatives and contact information, including the name(s) of the 
2.     person(s) authorized to represent the company in any negotiations; name(s) of the person(s) authorized to sign any contract that may result; contact person’s name, mailing or street address; telephone and facsimile numbers; and e-mail address(es). 3.     Company history and experience in providing the requested services, as described in the scope of work.  
4.     Proposed delivery date of the Fire/Rescue Boat5.     Proof of insurance at levels required by this RFP.
6.     The proposal must be signed by the person submitting the proposal or a duly authorized representative of the firm submitting the proposal. The signature shall include the title of the individual signing the proposal. 

The City will evaluate and rank the written proposals. The following qualifications and standards are examples of anticipated considerations: 

 Scope of Proposal: Does the proposal show an understanding of the project objective? 

 Availability:  Can the equipment be delivered in the time frame required? 

 Capability and Experience: Does the respondent have the support capabilities, including personnel and equipment, and the financial viability to complete the project?  Has the respondent successfully completed previous projects of this type and scope? 

The City may in its sole discretion, also consider additional factors or modify the criteria set forth above. 

All proposals shall remain firm, irrevocable and subject to acceptance for at least 90 calendar days after the submission deadline. Any vendor whose proposal is
selected will be expected to sign a contract with the City. 
Please visit the City of Gardiner's website at to download the Proposal Form, Uniform Pricing Sheet, and Attachment A (Bid Spec Form).

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