Municipal Banking and Bond RFP - City of Hallowell

The City of Hallowell is seeking proposals from qualified firms with demonstrated experience and expertise to provide Municipal Banking Services and / or to issue a General Obligation Bond.

Bidder is invited to submit proposals for Municipal Banking Services and / or General Obligation Bond. Additional consideration will be given to bidders who submit proposals for both, per the terms of the RFP, which is found on the City website.

Please follow this link to documents for scope of services:

Timeline for Selection & Project Completion:

• March 21: Questions/clarifications regarding RFP due.
• March 28: Addenda issued, if needed, by 1:00 PM EST (via City website only).
• April 10: Proposals due by 1:00 PM EST. Proposals opened at 1:00 PM EST.
• April 28: Tentative date for Special Election for Bond Referendum.
• May 1: Finance Committee may propose winning contractor(s) for Council approval.
• May 8: City Council may approve proposals from winning contractor(s).
• May 12: Deadline for General Obligation Bond Contract acceptance and execution.
• May 30: Deadline for Municipal Banking Services Contract acceptance and execution.

Any questions or inquiries regarding this Request for Proposal must be received in writing (hardcopy or email) to the City of Hallowell, Attn.: Dawna Myrick, 1 Winthrop Street, Hallowell, Maine 04347 by 1:00 PM Tuesday, March 21, 2017. Those questions, inquires and any responses will be combined and issued as an addendum and posted to the City website by close of business on March 28th.

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