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Maine DEP – Triennial Review

Maine DEP – Triennial Review

Date Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Posted In: Communications & Advocacy

The federal Clean Water Act requires that periodically, but at least once every three years, states hold public hearings for the purpose of reviewing water quality standards and, as appropriate, modifying and developing standards.  Maine statute contains similar language in 38 M.R.S. § 464.3.B.  This process, known as the Triennial Review, requires consultation with the public and interested state and federal agencies. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is now embarking on a review, which is expected to extend into 2026 for any required legislation. 

Municipal leaders are invited to submit proposals to the department for changes to existing water quality standards, including the water quality classification of specific surface waters.  Proposals for new standards may also be submitted.  Proposals are due by the close of business on Thursday, June 27, 2024, and should be submitted to TRComments.DEP@maine.govSubmission guidelines and a tentative timetable can be found here.