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Town of Sabattus Police Officer Opening

Start Date: May 29, 2024 | End Date: November 25, 2024
County: Androscoggin County
Job Type: Public Safety - Police

Sabattus Police Department
is HIRING!!!!!

The Town of Sabattus has an immediate opening for a highly motivated, full-time patrol officer to join our growing team of law enforcement professionals. Located between Lewiston and the Winthrop area, Sabattus is a rural community encompassing 29 square miles with a population of 5,200+ residents. Sabattus Police Department offers 24/7 coverage and is an energetic, community-oriented agency focused on professionalism and “esprit de corps”. Our officers work the 12-hour rotating schedule with every other weekend off.
The Town of Sabattus offers a comprehensive benefit package with competitive pay. New hires with no experience will start at $24.77 and upon graduation move up to $25.87. The Town Manager has the discretion to lateral transfer employees in up to the five (5) year step $30.28 per hour and may include accrued paid time off. Additionally, $650 uniform allowance, $360 uniform maintenance, Paid Time Off, thirteen (13) paid holidays, MPERS (20-year retirement at 50%), ICMA Retirement (town will match up to 13.5%) Health/Dental/Vision Insurance, Income Protection and Flexible Health Spending.

MCJA Intermediate Certificate $200
MCJA Advance Certificate $300
Associate degree or 4 years active military $500
Bachelor’s Degree or 8 years active military $1,000
Master’s degree or 8 + years active military $1,250
Longevity stipend starts at 3 years at $1000 and proceeds to 15 plus years at $3000.
MCJA Active Certified Instructor Certificate Firearms, Accident Reconstructionist, FTO,
And School Resource Officer $300

If you are an experienced officer with a specialty you would like to bring to our department, bring your experience and idea(s) to the table. If you have always been interested in a specialty, let’s discuss it.  Come work for a department that will continue to develop your career and help you reach your full potential.

For more information go to:
All applicants must be at least 21 years of age (at time of graduation from Academy), at least a high school graduate, hold a valid driver’s license, no criminal record, and no serious motor vehicle record. Applicants must successfully pass a polygraph, psychological and extensive background. Those that are not a Maine Certified Police Officer must pass the academy physical fitness prior to the academy entrance.

Applications will remain open until positions are filled.

Application, cover letter, resume, and references should be sent to:
Sabattus Police Department
Chief Erik Baker
190 Middle Road
Sabattus, ME 04280
All applicants will be required to take a polygraph, psychological exam, background check. The Town of Sabattus is an equal opportunity employee.

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