Municipal Career Center

Truck Driver/Laborer - Madison

Start Date: June 13, 2024 | End Date: December 10, 2024
County: Somerset County
Job Type: Public Works

Nature of Work

This is semi-skilled and unskilled manual work in the operation of heavy trucks and related automotive equipment and the performance of related manual work.  Work involves the responsibility for the safe and efficient operation of assigned equipment.  Employees may be assigned to the cemetery detail during summer season.

Work involves the operation of heavy trucks and related equipment in the maintenance and construction of streets, sidewalks, storm drains, snow and ice control or removal, and the performance of manual tasks in connection with the tasks assigned.

Work assignments may be received in detail for each job to be performed or may follow an established routine.  Work is performed under the general direction of the Road Commissioner or Road Foreman and is subject to review while in progress or upon completion.

Examples of Work (Illustrative only)

Operates moderately heavy trucks in the performance of public works duties such as street maintenance or construction, or snow and ice control and removal.

Operates other equipment such as a small tractor, lawn motors, welding equipment, snowblower, street sweeper.

Drives a heavy or light truck transporting dirt, gravel, and construction materials; may assist in loading or unloading trucks using front end loader.

Operates a snowplow and sander.

Performs routine and minor maintenance on vehicles.

Performs varied maintenance work including hot topping, sidewalks, and replacing of culverts.

Cleans or sweeps streets, and completes other special projects as needed.  

Picks up debris such as blown downs, straightens signs and posts, picks up leaves, brush and other trash.

Performs the tasks of a general laborer when required to do so by supervisor.

May set up booths for elections or bleachers for parades.

Winterizes trucks, mounts sanders and checks operation; performs minor maintenance on equipment.

Performs related work as may be required.

Requirements of Work

Knowledge of the traffic laws, ordinances and rules involved in the operation of automotive vehicles.

Knowledge of the geography of the town, including the location of streets.

Ability to operate trucks and other lighter motorized equipment safely and according to traffic laws and regulations.

Ability to make minor repairs and adjustments and service automotive equipment.

Ability to learn the operation of heavier motorized equipment.

Ability to perform manual labor for extended periods of time under adverse climatic conditions.

Ability to work in a team environment and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, be consistent in dealing with people; actively listen and be sensitive to others concerns, with or without being directly involved.

Must exclude personal bias from work performance, exercise tact and diplomacy, and strive to promote and maintain a cooperative workplace atmosphere.

Desirable Experience and Training

Some experience in the operation of standard automotive equipment heavier than passenger vehicles.

Necessary Special Requirements

Must possess or be able to obtain a valid Class II State of Maine motor vehicle operator’s license.

Physical strength and agility sufficient for performing the duties of the job.

7/1/2024-6/30/2025 (+4%) Wage Range: $23.04 – $24.64

7/1/2025-6/30/2026 (+4%) Wage Range: $23.96 – $25.63



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