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Water District General Manager

Start Date: June 05, 2024 | End Date: December 02, 2024
County: Lincoln County
Job Type: Water & Wastewater

Boothbay Region Water District General Manager

The General Manager, acting under the oversight of the 7-member Board of Trustees and the requirements of local, state and federal regulators, shall be responsible for directing all aspects of the BBRWD. The General Manager will administer operations, short and long-term planning, maintenance, environmental compliance, and fiscal, legal, and personnel matters.

The General Manager must be able to function independently and be comfortable working with Trustees and customers from diverse backgrounds, and staff, with contractors and engineers, and with financial and legal professionals. The General Manager must have the analytical ability to interpret construction project proposals and designs, financial spreadsheets, and legal, environmental and lab reports, as well as to collaborate with the Superintendent on construction project proposals, designs and details of plant operation, potential improvement, and expansion.

The General Manager is responsible to oversee that the BBRWD is an effective, safe, and financially responsible public utility.

Essential Job Functions:
• Fosters a work culture providing positive and constructive leadership and management.
• Represents, or assigns appropriate district personnel, in meetings and discussions with employees, customers, the public, governmental officials and contractors to promote the water districts’ goals and objectives and resolve issues.
• Administers provisions for effective and efficient operation and control of facilities, finances, personnel, and equipment and ensures compliance with Federal and State Safe Drinking Water requirements.
• Act as a leader and provide direction on the setting of standards for district projects to assure continuity and progress toward overall goals.
• Negotiates agreements and contracts, including labor relations.
• Review, researches, and prepares studies on a wide variety of subject matter.
• Approves personnel action requests and disciplinary actions.
• Reviews and approves engineering drawings.
• Develops policies, programs, and budgets necessary for the operation of the district.
• Develops long-range plans covering the essential elements of operations, finance, and personnel.
• Develop an annual budget proposal for board consideration.
• Attends board meetings, ensures all board meetings are held in accordance with state law, and presents the agenda.
• Keeps the board of trustees fully informed on all factors influencing staff and work evolutions on the progress toward meeting established goals for projects and programs.
• Performs related duties as assigned by Board of Trustees.
• Engage in long-term regional water resource planning and development.

Minimum Professional Requirements:
• Valid Driver’s License
• Five (5) + years related experience in a managerial capacity in a water related industry, or in the regulation of the water industry, including planning, organizing, directing, and controlling operations.
• Experienced in obtaining grant funding and managing public projects.
• Five (5) + years managing governmental, public works projects or industrial work environment including the supervision of employees.
• Preference given to candidates with Maine Class IV Water Treatment/Distribution Licenses.
• Candidates must be able to obtain each within one year (1) of hire.
• Preference given to candidates with a Bachelor of Science in related field (in public or business administration, science, management, or engineering)

Interpersonal & Problem Solving Skills:
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
• Ability to actively listen, resolve conflict in a respectful manner and lead by example.
• Provide coaching and support for staff.
• Creatively solve problems.
• Adapt to different environments and be thoughtful in leadership style.

Knowledge of:
• Organization and management of a water district.
• Principles of supervision and management of personnel.
• Water engineering, construction, and maintenance practices.
• Applicable federal, state, and local water laws, regulation, and pending legislation
• Persuasive public speaking and advocacy
• Watershed issues and management
• Principles of administration and staffing
• Principles and practices of budgeting, purchasing and maintenance of public records.
• Organization and function of an elected board of trustees.
• Conducting public meetings within the framework of Maine law.
• Social, political, and environmental issues influencing the development of projects and programs.
• Research methods and techniques.
• District personnel rules, policies, and labor contract provisions
• Principles and procedures of sound business communications.
• New England climate and relevant AWWA standards

• Plan, organize and coordinate district operations.
• Administers District facilities, coordinating financial and human resources functions.
• Establish and maintain effective relations with employees, customers, the general public, governmental and contractor representatives.
• Prepare clear and concise reports.
• Communicate effectively with the public
• Analyze and resolve problems
• Represent the district at a variety of functions and meetings
• Work independently with little direction
• Understand and effectively carry out oral and written instructions.
• Present proposals and recommendations clearly, logically, and persuasively.
• Develop and implement appropriate procedures and controls.
• Exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with sensitive, complex, and confidential issues and situations.

Salary Range is $90,000 to $120,000, to be determined based on experience and qualifications. Excellent benefit package.

Please send resume and cover letter to Kirsten Hebert at

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