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Town of Damariscotta Assessing Services (Assessors’ Agent)

September 15, 2021

The Town of Damariscotta is seeking proposals from Assessing Services firms and individuals experienced in providing contracted municipal valuation services in a community with a wide range of business and residential valuation factors. Work hours will vary depending on the workload, however, firms and individuals submitting proposals should base their submittals on an average work week of 20 hours.

The Town has a current assessed valuation of $343,564,200 and a non-seasonal population of 2,158 (2020 census).

The services to be provided are as follows: Ongoing updating of property records, preliminary mapping, performing inspections, preparing all state forms and returns, preparing the tax commitment, completing all duties and functions typical of the office of Assessor under the laws of the State of Maine.  All duties and obligations are to be completed and submitted to the State agency requesting such documents by the legal date due. 

Proposal Requirements:

Each proposal should contain the following:

    • cover letter with contact information;

• itemized fee schedule including reimbursables;

• list of individuals who will be assigned to this contract, a description of the role that they will provide and experience relevant to their role; and,

• description of previous assessing services provided by the firm/individual, and references regarding those experiences.


The Board of Assessors and Town staff will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria:

• quality and completeness of proposal;

• experience, including the experience of staff to be assigned to the contract the engagements of similar scope and complexity;

• Cost to the Town;

• ability to perform the work within the timeframes required


All interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals by 4 PM, October 13 by email to The subject line should include the words “Damariscotta Assessing Services Proposal”.

Any questions on this RFP should be directed to Town Manager Matt Lutkus at

            The Board of Selectmen reserves the right to accept or reject and or all bids.

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