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To Whom It May Concern,


You are invited to submit a proposal to the Maine Fire Chiefs Association Board of Directors for services provided as a Legislative Liaison. The primary objective for the Legislative Liaison is to help develop strategies and lead efforts to effectively advocate for, or against, all legislative issues important to MFCA and its members. Activities will include but are not limited to:


  1. Lobbying: Direct and indirect lobbying of elected and other public officials by communicating with legislators, Governor’s office staff and other appropriate legislative staff members to advance MFCA positions on key issues.
  2. Public Hearings: Deliver written & verbal testimony for public hearings and work sessions as needed. Help mobilize MFCA membership (with MFCA officers’ & the Affiliate Liaison) to assist with influencing legislation.
  3. Media Relations: Offer strategic advice for public and press outreach activities, recommend draft letters or press releases to the editor.
  4. Strategic Planning: Meet with MFCA Legislative Chair/Committee as requested to more narrowly focus those legislative matters of greatest interest. Attend MFCA Board meetings as appropriate to update members with activity reports and provide guidance on possible strategies to advance MFCA issues. Work closely with the MFCA President and Legislative Chair/Committee throughout the 2021 legislative session of the 130th Maine Legislature to maximize opportunities for efficiency and action on key legislative issues as they evolve. Participate in conference calls as needed to refine or re-define MFCA position on legislative issues as they evolve throughout the legislative process.
  5. Monitor the flow of LRs and LDs as they are produced and provide periodic summaries to the MFCA legislative committee chair of those bills which are or may be of interest to the fire service.
  6. Communications: Utilize phone, email, MMA e-distribution systems & MFCA forum to keep information flowing to inform and obtain details and advice from MFCA membership. Use various communication methods such as “Legislative Alerts” when quick communication with decision-makers and/or mobilization of membership is required.


Please provide all associated fees with the scope of work, as well as a full cover letter and resume to the following:


Maine Fire Chiefs Association
Attn: Melissa White
60 Community Drive Augusta, Maine 04330


The deadline for all proposals is the end of business on September 30, 2020. The outside bid envelope shall be plainly marked “MFCA LEGISLATIVE LIAISON RFP– NOT TO BE OPENED UNTIL 9:00 AM, THURSDAY, October 1, 2020. Electronic bids may be received by e-mail at training@memun.org.

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