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Freeport Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) looking for Economic Development Director

Come join the team in Freeport, Maine on our continued pursuit for sustainable economic development!  The FEDC Economic Development Director partners with businesses and developers, the Town government, and supporting groups to promote sustainable economic growth that strengthens and diversifies the economic base, while enhancing the quality of life and unique character of Freeport. We are in an exciting time of visitors returning to Freeport, tremendous community support and involvement in the Downtown Visioning project, strong existing businesses, plus Town boards working together with FEDC to make things happen.  We are looking for an energized Economic Director to lead the way!  

FEDC is a private, non-profit corporation that provides free and confidential assistance to businesses and developers looking to establish or expand in Freeport, Maine.  Our staff is dedicated to enhancing Freeport’s economic growth by assisting entrepreneurs, business owners, and developers in assessing opportunities in Freeport; we understand that each opportunity is unique and will work collaboratively between business/developer and Town to bring projects to fruition. 

See job description below for details.  For more information call FEDC at 207-865-4743, extension 117.  To apply, please send resume and cover letter to   




Job Description:  Economic Development Director, full time


Encourages and Leads Ongoing Business Development 

  • Manages ongoing process of identifying business and development opportunities;  Determines metrics,  message, and communication methods;  Actively engages with local/regional/national business development organizations to market and bring attractive businesses and development to Freeport. 
  • Encourages/supports/sponsors  candidate business/developers/entrepreneurs in Freeport opportunities, identifies potential resources, connects candidates with Town protocols/processes/contacts.  As appropriate, identifies opportunities for TIFs, SBA loans, economic development grants. 
  • Communicates regularly with current businesses,  landowners, and brokers to understand filled locations, identify vacancies and possible candidates.  Encourages connections and filling of vacancies. 
  • Identifies barriers for development,  opportunities for improvement, effectively communicating with Town, Council, residents, board, and business candidates of barriers, solutions, and process for solution.

Leads  Strategic Discussions and Opportunities

  • Leads  town and board in strategic economic visioning process, with identification of  opportunities/ goals.
  • Encourages participation and Engages  appropriate constituencies to lead and drive resulting projects; Manages and/or oversees projects as needed.
  • Reports progress to Council/Town and Board

Optimizes Value of  Board and Town Council

  • Working with board, sets annual and long term goals.  Leads ongoing communication on progress, topics and engages board in discussions. Organizes and provides  metrics for measures of success.  Brings goals and progress to council twice each year for input and discussion.  
  • Manages  board meetings, membership, participation, appropriate agreements.

Coordinate and Manage Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) Programs

  • Educates and communicates on TIF programs. Coordinate TIF process with candidate, Town, Council and attorneys, providing  ongoing communication on progress, topics to council and town.
  • Discusses and brings decisions/recommendations on TIF opportunities to board, council and town. 

Other Duties

  • Manages  communication to all constituencies with appropriate balance of confidentiality and transparency. Supports communication through use of website updates/information, social media,  news/media, Town Council and boards,  local organizations. Works collaboratively across Town and volunteer organizations.  
  • Manages budget with fiscal responsibility, participates in Town budget process to obtain funds, fund raises as needed. 
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • 5+  Years Experience in Economic Development, Urban Planning, Municipal Management or Business Development.  Minimum Bachelor’s level, Advanced degree desired.
  • Experience with business recruiting and communication, financial and economic metrics, creative problem solving and resolution process, leading teams, community communication, collaboration with local/state/federal government bodies, and board management.  Knowledge of TIFs, SBA loan programs, and economic development grants a plus. Education in Business, Public Administration, Economic Development, Economics, or Urban Development.  Ability to maintain confidentiality, work independently, and utilize excellent written and verbal communication skills. Candidate may bring an equivalent combination of education and experience. 

Other Aspects of Job

  • Under general supervision of FEDC Board and President, may supervises part-time, temporary employees or volunteers as needed.  Physical office located in Freeport Town Hall, some light travel required, evening hours could be required for meetings.  May serve on committees acting providing expertise and insights. 


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