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The Town of Georgetown Seeks Proposals for Comprehensive Plan Consulting Services

Project Introduction
The Town of Georgetown (the “Town”) is seeking proposals for the services of a consulting firm or consulting team (the “Consultant”) to assist the Town’s Comprehensive Plan Central Committee (the “Committee”) in developing an updated Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Georgetown (the “Plan”). The Town has not undertaken a Comprehensive Plan update as described in Maine’s Growth Management Act (30-A MRSA, Chapter 187) since 1993. The Plan needs to be ready for approval by the Board of Selectman in April 2019, and at Town Meeting in June 2019, with a planning horizon of ten to fifteen years and will provide a basis for decision making regarding land use and redevelopment, budget preparation, capital improvement and economic development for the Town’s future.

An Exploratory Committee met from November 2016 until May 2017, and its work provided the framework for the Town’s June 2017 Town Meeting call to proceed with updating of the 1993 Plan. From this call to proceed, the Town envisions a healthy and thriving community that is welcoming to various ages and lifestyles, and is accommodating to new development while respecting long-standing traditional land uses. The Town envisions an updated Plan that serves as a basis for sustainable development that preserves community character, respects our protected resources, maximizes benefits from existing infrastructure and improves quality of life for all who choose to live, work and recreate in Georgetown.

The Committee consists of thirteen individuals who represent different aspects of our diverse community and is tasked with guiding and overseeing the development and ultimate completion of the Plan. The Committee has been meeting since September 2017 and has begun to establish a timeline for project completion, gauge interest within the Town, and organize certain sub-committees. Committee meetings, open to the public, are held on designated Mondays between the hours of 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Georgetown Town Office.

Description of Services Requested
There are a variety of ways to approach the development of comprehensive plans, and the selected Consultant must be flexible and able to adjust to changing priorities. Given the unique character and high level of civic engagement within the Town, Georgetown’s Comprehensive Plan update will be developed by the Committee, Consultant, Town stakeholders including boards, committees, community groups and the public. The Town has approved up to $10,000 for Consultant Services including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

•    Ensure the Plan meets the requirements of the Growth Management Act and all other pertinent laws that apply to Comprehensive Planning and growth;
•    Update the inventory section of the 1993 Plan, collecting and organizing appropriate material supplied by the census bureau, the state, regional entities, town records and the Committee. Much of the 1993 Comprehensive Plan content is still relevant to the community. The Consultant shall assist the Committee in retaining existing information for reuse in the updated Plan. The 1993 Comprehensive Plan is available for review upon request between the hours of 9:00 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 5:00 Monday thru Thursday at the Town Office (excluding holidays). Part II of the 1993 Plan can be viewed online at http://www.georgetownme.com/?page_id=70;
•    Develop the required maps in a PDF format;
•    Support the Committee chair to maintain project schedule on an ongoing basis and help facilitate Committee meetings and public participation events as agreed upon with the Committee chair;
•    Provide direction to the Committee in developing and implementing public participation processes beyond what it is currently doing, and is necessary for creating the Plan and achieving its approval by the Board of Selectman in April 2019, at Town Meeting in June 2019, and its submission to the State;
•    Assist the Committee to develop policies, strategies and recommendations for present and future land use.

Note: Drafting and preparation of the Marine Resources section of the Plan will be done through a sub-committee in consultation with a team from University of Maine. The Consultant is not responsible for the Marine Resources section of the Plan.

Consultant Qualifications and Capability
The following information shall be incorporated into the Consultant’s proposal for services:

1.    General Consultant Information
a.    Structure (corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, joint venture).
b.    Number of years in business.
c.    Provide the names, roles and qualifications of staff who would be assigned to the project.

2.    Experience of Consultant
a.    Names of comprehensive plans completed, including the primary consultant for the plan.
b.    Names and contact information of the current municipal manager/administrator, and the then Chairperson for two of the completed comprehensive plans, preferably for communities that resemble Georgetown.

3.    Proposed approach for the work outlined, and the price structure for Requested Services.

A variety of skill sets and areas of expertise will be needed to complete the Plan update.  
•    The Consultant should have knowledge of solutions to issues that are pertinent to the Midcoast Maine region, including but not limited to aging-in-place and changing demographics; and maintaining a rural landscape while providing opportunities for economic growth;
•    The Consultant should have a knowledge of appropriate land use methods for communities where soil conditions and water resources provide challenges for rural development;

Consultant Response
Interested Consultants shall deliver an electronic PDF copy and 3 hard copies in a sealed enclosure, with the outside of the enclosure bearing the name, address, and contact person of the Consultant as well as the project name: “2017 Town of Georgetown Comprehensive Plan Update”.

Hard Copies must be addressed to Mary McDonald, Town of Georgetown Treasurer, PO Box 436, Georgetown, ME 04548; the electronic copy emailed to Mary McDonald at gtwnme@hotmail.com. Hard copy responses may be hand delivered, mailed or delivered via courier. Faxes are not accepted, and qualification statements received after the deadline will not be considered. Submittal Timeline:

1.    Request for information Friday December 1, 2017 by 5:00pm
2.    Final Proposals Due Wednesday December 6, 2017 by 5:00pm.
3.    Interviews with selected firms the week of December 11, 2017.
4.    Recommendation of Consultant to Select Board Tuesday January 9, 2018.
5.    Notification of Selection Wednesday January 10, 2018.

Points of Contact for Inquiries:
Request for information should be directed to Committee Chair John McIlvain (jmac40@hotmail.com). The criteria listed in the above Consultant Qualifications and Capability will be used to evaluate written proposals and the subsequent interviews. Additional information required for proper assessment of proposals may be requested from the proposer at the discretion of Committee.

The Committee will consider proposals that have unconventional approaches. Please explain why unconventional methods are being proposed and the benefits of the proposal.

The Town of Georgetown will review all submitted proposals, conduct in person interviews as needed, and make its decision based upon the Consultant’s experience, their strategy to complete the plan update in an efficient, economical and creative fashion, and references. Cost will be a factor in evaluating the proposals, but the lowest proposal will not necessarily be selected.  Proposals will be evaluated to determine whether the cost and services are appropriate to the needs of the Town.  The Town reserves the right at its sole discretion to reject any or all proposals; to select a consultant based on qualifications and services which are not necessarily the lowest cost; and to negotiate with any and all consultants submitting proposals to modify their work strategy and/or fee.

Following Board of Selectman approval, the parties shall execute a contract based upon services and fees indicated within this Request for Proposal and the proposal submitted by the Consultant.

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