Response Times for Legal Services

Although we will try our best to meet your deadline, you should expect the following response times: 
Telephone Calls: Normally returned the same day or the following day (some opinions may take longer, depending on the difficulty of the issue and the number of other inquiries we have received).

Letters: Within 10 to 15 working days

Fax Inquiries: Treated the same as a phone or letter inquiry depending on the type of response requested. Use of a fax machine is most helpful in a situation where the attorney should see a document before answering a telephone question. An inquiry received by fax will not be given priority over a letter or telephone inquiry.

E-mail: Since e-mail is not a secure means of transmitting, our practice is to respond to e-mail inquiries by telephone or letter. However, e-mail is an excellent means of avoiding “phone-tag.”

Exceptions: During town meeting time (March & June), demands on our service increase significantly. Please try to notify us well in advance of the date when a response is needed. More time-consuming projects may have to be deferred to a later date. The legal staff may notify the community affected of the expected delay.

Advisory services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. When it appears that a member municipality is using the service excessively in relation to other communities, inquiries from that community may have to be given a lower priority. When that is the case, the municipality in question will be notified.
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