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Dresden Paving RFP

Start Date: June 14, 2024
End Date: September 14, 2024
Type: Requests for Proposals (RFP)
Phone: 2077374335
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June 14, 2024


Request for Proposal


Surface Paving of Calls Hill Road


The Town of Dresden (Town) is seeking sealed proposals for a qualified contractor (Contractor)  to provide Paving Services to +/- 1.7 miles of Calls Hill Road.

Questions:  Bidders shall direct all questions, including requests for explanations or interpretation, in writing to the Town Administrator  A mandatory pre-quote meeting with the Road Agent will be held on June 21, 2024 at 10:00 at the town office (534 Gardiner Road, Dresden). At this time all questions will be answered and if necessary a site visit will follow. Following a written question-and-answer sheet will then be provided to all interested proposers who have email addresses on file. If during this process the Town determines an amendment to this RFP is required it shall be posted to the Town’s website (  If a bidder does not attend the mandatory meeting their proposal will not be accepted.

Submissions:  Sealed proposals to the RFP delivered to the Town Office are due no later than at 4 p.m. on June 28, 2024. Only hand-delivered or mailed responses are acceptable. Emailed or faxed submissions will not be accepted.

All submissions must include the following information to be considered by the Town.

  • Cover letter stating the company’s interest in the RFP
  • List of equipment that the company controls to be used for this contract
  • General Liability in the amount of one-million-dollar ($1,000,000) with the Town listed as additionally insured
  • A completed Quote page (included)

Exceptions:  Please list any exceptions to your proposal on a separate sheet and include it with your response.

Contract Award and Duration:  Contact award is dependent on the appropriation vote at the Town Meeting June 18, 2024.  Bids will be opened publicly at the Select Board Meeting on July 2, at 5:00 p.m.  Contractor will provide in their proposal the duration of the project.

Any contract entered by the Town shall be in response to the proposal and subsequent discussions. The award shall be based on the criteria described herein. Additional terms and conditions may apply after the review of the proposal in which those terms and conditions will be provided to the selected Contractor.

General Requirements:  The general requirements of the contract are as follows:

  • The Town will conduct periodic reviews of the Contractor’s performance
  • The Contractor understands that the above amount is to cover all services, materials, and labor to complete the project in accordance with the contract
  • The Contractor certifies that it has the financial ability to procure all necessary services and materials and has, or will have, sufficient personnel and equipment to perform the contract and is able to complete the project in the time required
  • Contractor also certifies that it has adequate and up-to-date liability & automobile insurance, workers comprehensive insurance, and that all necessary personnel are properly trained and/ or licensed to operate the required equipment and qualified to perform the work
  • Contractor attests that it has an in force "Drug-Free Workplace Policy"
  • Contractor has read and understands the bid instructions found in the RFP and has provided the information requested by the Town
  • If the Contractor sub-contracts any of the work, then Contractor will be responsible for the work provided by the sub-contractor

Indemnification: The successful contractor and their company shall agree to the following:

Indemnify and hold the Town of Dresden harmless from claims, demands, suits, causes of action and judgments arising from the performance of the services. The Contractor shall not take advantage of any ambiguity, error, omission, conflict, or discrepancy (Ambiguity, etc.) relating to the bid documents, site conditions, or any other information that may significantly affect the cost, quality, conformity, or timeliness of the work. If a Contractor discovers any such Ambiguity, etc., it must notify the Town immediately in writing. Failure to provide such notice constitutes a waiver of any claim for entitlement for additional compensation or time related to such Ambiguity, etc. The Town shall interpret the meaning and effect of any Ambiguity, etc., in the manner it deems appropriate at its sole discretion and Contractor agrees to be bound by such interpretation.

Quantities:  Quantities shown in this RFP are estimates only to be used for the preparation and comparison of bids. They may be increased, decreased, or eliminated in their entirety.

Contractor Responsibility:  Before submitting a bid, the Contractor is responsible for: (A) obtaining and examining the plans, specifications, all bid amendments, and all other bid documents; (B) examining the information provided or referenced in the bid documents; (C) examining the site(s) of work and making other examinations and investigations that are needed to make the bidder fully aware of the conditions that would be encountered in performing the work, and (D) communicating with the Town before bid opening.

Town of Dresden Reservation of Rights: The Town reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, decline to proceed with the selection of any Contractor, request additional qualifications and to make inquiries as may be necessary to verify qualifications. Nothing in this document shall require the Town to proceed with any of the identified services stated in this RFP. If the Town enters a contract for services, the Town shall have the exclusive authority to make decisions regarding any project or work readiness, compliance, and completion.

Bids must be clearly labeled "2024/2025 PAVING BID Calls Hill" on the envelope and submitted to:


Town Administrator

C/O Town of Dresden

PO Box 30/534 Gardiner Rd

Dresden, ME 04342



Quotes for 2024/2025 Paving of Calls Hill Road


Contractor/Company Name: _________________________________________________          


Contact Name: ____________________________________________________________


Contact Phone: ___________________________________________________________                                                                                                                    

Address: _________________________________________________________________


E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________________


Item Description: 

Calls Hill Rd overlay paving of ±9000 feet (±1.7 miles), 21 feet wide. Paving 12.5mm with a 1.25 compacted surface , using MDOT-approved mix with virgin material.

The work area will start at the Dresden and Wiscasset town line heading West and is pre-marked. Spot shimming is required up to approximately ±350 tons.

Driveway matching and grinding of butt joints is required.

Total Est. Tons: __________________________

X Uni:t Price =___________________________

Estimated Total:__________________________

By signing below the Contractor attests that they have a full understanding of the work as described in the Request for Proposal and agree to the terms and conditions and any amendments if applicable.



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